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Meet the Most Valuable Professionals

Meet the Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) who keep our development community strong. Listed below are the XNA Game Studio and DirectX MVPs.

Andy "The ZMan" Dunn
Andy “The ZMan” Dunn has been writing XNA applications from when it was called Managed DirectX and .Net applications from when it was called VB3! An ex-Microsoft IT developer who quit his job to work with gaming and graphics and has managed to pay the bills for several years somehow. Andy wrote the Spacewar and Marblets samples for Microsoft and now spends far too much time answering questions and dealing with controversy on the XNA forums. Andy is also a registered INETA speaker for XNA [] and has been an MVP for over four years []. Look out for his latest game for kids KissyPoo! []

I'm interested in game development, programming, and 3D character animation. I have authored books about XNA and game programming in Japanese, and several articles about XNA programming in Japanese computer magazines. [Blog] [Web]

Benjamin Nitschke
Benjamin is the author of several XNA games like the XNA Racing Game starter kit (one of the first XNA 3D Games), the Professional XNA Game Programming books, and Arena Wars, which was the very first commercial .NET game in 2004. CTO and founder of exDream GmbH. You can ask me questions about Professional XNA game programming and advanced topics like shaders, skeletal animations, importing collada models, threading, multiplatform development, etc.

Brecht Kets
Brecht is CTO of Daedalus (Belgium), a small game development company, and a lecturer at the University College of West-Flanders, Belgium. He teaches game programming and development in the bachelor degree Digital Arts and Entertainment. Besides that, Brecht speaks at events concerning XNA, runs the XNA Belgian User Group and hosts the site His expertise includes C++ programming, graphics programming and shader programming.

Catalin Zima
Catalin been part of the XNA community since the first beta came out in 2006. His main interests are graphics and shader programming, and while he started out as more of a "3D-guy", he recently lost a' D', and is experimenting with various 2D effects. He also takes great pleasure in solving “interesting” problems related to general gameplay programming. He is proud to be part of this community, which is filled with great, helpful and fun people, and hope to someday put his own game on Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

Chad Carter
Chad wrote the books Microsoft XNA Unleashed and Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.0 Unleashed. He also speaks at User Groups and Code Camps on the east coast regularly. He spends a lot of time reading forum posts, but he tells us "most of the other MVPs answer them by the time I come on to read them." He definitely keeps an eye out in the Networking section as well as his own book forums on

Charles Humphrey
Charles' interest in computers started with the classic Atari console, then in the early 80's he got a ZX81 so he started to pick up ZX Basic, then onto the Sinclair Spectrum. Then came the Atari ST and the Amiga. Charles says that led to far more game playing than writing on those machines. In 1995 he started programming professionaly in C and have been developing ever since and now work for BT Expedite (and soon BT Fresca) as a senior C# developer. He discovered XNA in December 2006 when XNA 1.0 was released on a tutorial site called The Hazy Mind and has been addicted to it ever since.

Cheng-Guo Huang
He has game programming experience and has a great time socializing with other people who are interested XNA game programming. Cheng-Guo has done some lectures on XNA, including introduction the new features, which has given people a great desire to want to try XNA and use it.

Chris Williams
Chris Williams is a Principal Consultant for Magenic. He is the founder of the Twin Cities XNA User Group in Minneapolis, MN. Chris has a unhealthy affection for 2D RPGs, going as far back as classic Rogue. His roguelike project Heroic Adventure! has been featured on MSDN Coding4Fun and various other media. His latest XBLIG project EDAKTBYD (Explore Dungeons And Kill Things Before You Die) is also an RPG of sorts. Chris is a DirectX/XNA MVP, MCT, MCSD (.NET) Early Adopter, MCAD, Director of the INETA Speakers Bureau, freelance game developer, occasional author, tech editor, conference speaker, vintage arcade game collector and INETA Community Champion.

DongHoon Kim
Donghoon Kim has won the third prize in game development field of ImagineCup 2008, the title is CleanUp, full 3D action game. He has stared game development based on DirectX since 2000 and XNA since 2007. Recently He has great interests in mobile game development and developed 3D avatar application in Android. You can find his interests and thoughts on his blog, Also, he currently gives lectures and makes presentations related to XNA and takes pride in these kinds of activities. Feel free to ask any questions about XNA and game development and I'm willing to reply to them. 

George Clingerman
George been playing with XNA since its announcement at GameFest. He launched his site at that time. On this site he writes tutorials for beginners. George tries to be active in many aspects of the community from the forums, chat sites, IRC, Facebook, Twitter and blogs that talk about XNA. George says he's, "not a particularly good developer, I'm not an expert in the framework and I've never moved past 2D development. I just love to make games and I love this community. I tend to help out with beginner questions where I often have to teach myself the answer before I give it."

Glenn Wilson
Glenn Wilson has been a System/Database Administrator for about 7 years working in the telecommunications and mobile telecommunications industry in Australia and now works for Local Government as a Project Coordinator. Over this time he has primarily been working with Microsoft technologies. In his spare time he likes to dabble in digital media and game programming as well as developing solutions using various means, including Windows Forms, Web applications, and Microsoft's Small Business Server systems. Glenn has started a community Web site,, that focuses on The XNA System, Managed DirectX and game programming resources.

Iñaki Ayucar
Iñaki Ayucar is a software engineer involved in development since his first Spectrum 48k, in the year 1987. He has been working in the field of Simulation and Virtual Reality, and as a .Net project manager for more than 10 years. He is now the founder and chief developer of The Simax Project (, and tries to combine that with some teaching activity at university and as much support to the community as possible. He is very interested in DirectX/XNA, game development, simulation, physics, user interfaces, C++ and C#, and tries to write frequently about all that stuff in his blog:

Javier Ferrero
Javier has worked with DirectX, and have been working with XNA since the first versions came out. Part of that work can be seen at, a community for XNA developers from Spain. Right now, his main focus is on visual effects (image filters, image processing), and game effects written in HLSL (light, shadows and advanced materials). Javier also has advanced knowledge in 3D math, and i currently developing an XNA multi-touch framework.

Jens Konerow
Jens Konerow has worked with the XNA Framework since the first beta versions were released. He is the author of the German book “Spieleprogrammierung mit dem XNA Framework” released in November, 2009 by He focuses on programming graphics effects, including post processing effects like light shafts, shadows and water.

Jim Perry
While familiar with 3D game development concepts, Jim is more interested in all aspects of 2D games and gaming. Anything from 5 minute-casual games to huge multi-dozen hour RPGs, he'll jump in and help out with programming and design questions. His stick figure art is very questionable so don't expect a "How To..." in artistic areas other than feedback from a gamer POV on artwork. He's authored/co-authored 2 books on XNA - Essential XNA Game Studio 2.0 Programming and RPG Programming Using XNA Game Studio 3.0.

Joel Martinez
Joel lives in beautiful Orlando, Florida. He's a .NET Programmer who currently makes financial services software. On the side, he really enjoy toying around with game development using the XNA framework. Achievements include: Founder of the Orlando .NET User Group; Co-Founder:; Co-Author: ASP.NET Development with Macromedia Dreamweaver MX (Peachpit Press, 2002); Co-Author: Dreamweaver MX 2004 Magic (New Riders, 2003); Contributor: Flash Remoting, The Definitive Guide (O'Reilly, 2003); Technical Editor: MX inSite magazine (R.I.P.).

John Sedlak
Currently a student at Fairleigh Dickinson, John got his start in game development 10 years ago with Visual Basic 6. After completing a few games with BitBlting techniques, John moved on to using the .NET Framework and Managed DirectX. Since then, John has placed a great deal of effort in understanding the design of frameworks and engines. Since the first release of the XNA Framework, he has worked to grow the community through tutorials, code snippets and complete, open source games such as Tower Defense and Domination. John hopes to open a game studio that utilizes all the XNA Framework has to offer.

Jon Watte
Currently the CTO of a simulation and training start-up in San Mateo, CA, called Forterra Systems. There they do game-based massively multiplayer training systems that teach medics to treat the right patients at a disaster scene, teach soldiers not to shoot civilians, and other similar soft skills. Before that, he worked on the virtual world, on the BeOS operating system, on the CodeWarrior compiler/debugger suite, on the Hansa financials suite and the Scoop pre-press publishing suite. In his youth, he attended the MSCS program at KTH, Stockholm (where he grew up), and did a year of military service in the Swedish air force.

José Antonio Leal De Farias
José Antonio Leal De Farias has been a game programmer since he acquired his first computer in 1985, when he tried to draw aliens on an 80x25 pixel screen. After obtaining a degree in Computer Science, he established one of the first game companies in Brazil in 1997, called Hardcode Entertainment. He has worked on many diverse gaming projects in Europe and the US. Author of many XNA books and creator of the Sharp Games community, devoted to studying and spreading advice about the XNA platform. You can find the portal for Sharp Games at

Justin Holewinski
There is no bio currently available.

Luke Drumm
You awaken to the rather distressing ‘fruity’ selection of well used synthetic carpet tastes in your mouth, a stunningly loud klaxon screaming nearby, a series of red flashing lights strobing their way across your retinas and headache that is doing its best to convince you that suicide is not really as bad as everyone makes out. Slowly you heave yourself off the ground to survey the painfully loud, flashy and generally intrusive environment around you. Despite being pretty sure that you don’t bare any specific tertiary level qualification on the subject, you’re pretty confident that you’ve secured some simple truths about your current location. The abundance of flashy lights, flickering monitors, racy detailing and coffee cup defying tilted surfaces strongly suggest a space craft of some sort. A healthy supply of steam, smoke and intermittent bursts of electrical sparks would tend to infer a space craft that is .... ‘operationally challenged’ .... at the present time. However this assessment drops into triviality at the sight of a rather large robotic creature lurching towards you with a sharp blade and surprisingly menacing look in its electronic eyes. What does any of this have to with Luke? We have no idea but be sure to ask him next time you see him and find out... otherwise you could be stuck listening to him waffle on about subjects that may only be distantly related to killer robots in space... and who wants that.

Matt Pettineo
From Matt: "My name's Matt, and I'm a (soon-to-be-professional) games programmer. I love talking about graphics and shader programming, so that's probably what you'll see me posting about on the forums. I also like to ramble on about game performance, especially related to the Xbox 360."

Michael Cummings
Michael Cummings has over 15 years experience as a principal systems analyst and software engineer and is currently employed with Magenic, Inc., a Microsoft Gold Partner. He is an experienced technical lead with strengths in systems architecture, software development, infrastructure design & deployment, and business process as it relates to technology. Michael holds multiple certifications from Microsoft and other certifying organizations, including MCP, MCT, MCSD, MCSE, and MCDBA. Michael is dedicated to the community and speaks at local user groups and code camps. Michael has been a hobby graphics programmer since the days of the TI99-4/A. Most of the day he's busy developing business applications, but that doesn't stop him from working on games and graphics engines when he can. As an avid gamer and an XNA enthusiast, Michael started the Boston XNA Developers Group ( ), and has spoken at several user groups and other events on the topic of XNA and games. Michael has contributed to many open source projects, including AXIOM ( ), a .Net/Mono 3D rendering engine, and Planeshift ( ), a 3D MMORPG. His blog can be found at

Michael Morton
Administrator of the popular XNA web site: - XNA News and Tutorials. He has been a hobby game developer for 17 years covering a gamut of graphics technologies and implementations. His programming hobby eventually paid off and he has been working in the corporate development sector for over ten years. He develops using an extensive set of technologies and is fluent in such topics as: DirectX/XNA, BizTalk 2006, Windows CE, ASP.NET and many others. Stop by #XNA on EfNet (IRC) and say hi to the regulars.

Pedro Güida
Pedro (aka "Pete", aka "Ultrahead") is an old-timer member of the XNA Community -since the initial stages of its predecessor: MDX- who received the XNA/DX MVP award for the first time on January 2009. His skills cover many areas in the production pipeline. On the software development side, his interests vary from architecture and design to implementation. In particular, he masters C#, the XNA Framework, and HLSL (up to SM3). And on the artistic side, he is a 3D design & animation hobbyist with great knowledge of the major tools in the field. Find more about him in

Petri Tapio Wilhelmsen
Petri is from Norway, and is running a blog at His focus has been XNA in general and Shader Programming using XNA. He has been programming with the XNA Framework since it first arrived, and DirectX since 1999. His main focus is creating effects/shaders and small size games using XNA, for both PC and Xbox 360.

Phil Bourke
Philip has over 21 years industry experience in developing products for worldwide organizations in security, industrial control, banking and financial services sectors. He is a keen advocate for the adoption and use of technology in industry and education and has organised a number of conferences and events to encourage industrialist and educators to maximise the benefits from selection and application of appropriate technologies. He recently spoke at the UAE 2015 Challenges Conference series on ICT based collaboration and world class ICT sourcing. He has also presented at the Develop Conference on Emerging Issues in Game Design and the IMTC Conference on opportunities for Independent Game Developers. Philip is an advocate for using gaming technologies in education. He is founder of the computer games festival, Games Fleadh, which includes games design and programming events such as Robocode Ireland, SchoolBots and the XNA Ireland Challenge. The XNA Ireland Challenge ‘08 celebrated the 30th Anniversary of SPACE INVADERS © Taito Corporation 1978, 2008. Philip was winner of the N-Gage Challenge mobile game design contest. He is also course coordinator for Tipperary Institute’s Computer Science Degree (Honors) in Games Design and Development. Philip is a Computer Science graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland and holds a Masters in Software Engineering from the National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

Pieter Germishuys
Currently involved with game/graphics development, Pieter (Armadon) answers questions on, and since discovering C# and Managed DirectX and totally loving it, he has been writing articles/tutorials for beginners and advanced techniques like Normal mapping and terrain generation, He has been exposed to languages such as php, lua, python, C/C++, Pascal/delphi.

Promit Roy
"Promit started programming in 2001 and quickly found his niche in graphics and game programming. Although currently a student at the Johns Hopkins University, he has previously worked for Day 1 Studios, NVIDIA, and Microsoft. Promit is a moderator and technical editor for GameDev.Net, and has published several articles for them; two were subsequently featured as book chapters. He is also the lead author of SlimDX, a project to provide support for the full range of DirectX and XNA technologies in applications using the .NET Framework. Because it is available under a permissive open source license, any developer can take advantage of the technology, regardless of what they are developing or for whom.

Ralf Kornmann
There is no bio currently available.

Richard Thomson
Richard Thomson has been a Microsoft MVP since January, 2002, with a focus on DirectX/XNA and computer graphics. Richard has been working as a software engineer since the age of 14, accumulating 30 years of experience along the way. He has worked in 3D computer graphics since 1988 and is the curator of a museum on computer graphics history in Salt Lake City.

Riemer Grootjans
Graduated as a civil engineer with a specialization in informatics at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium, he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the 3D - Electronical area. Since 2003, he has hosted a site dedicated to DirectX tutorials. In preparation for XNA Game Studio, the contents of this site was moved to in 2006. Today, the site contains over 100 articles on DirectX/XNA, and has exposure to over 2000 unique visitors each day. The site also has an active forum where he answers your questions on a daily basis. Riemer authored XNA 2.0 and XNA 3.0 Game Programming Recipes, published by APress, and co-authored Beginning XNA 3.0 Game Development, also published by Apress.

Seung Hun Lee
There is no bio currently available.

Valentin Billotte
Valentin has been passionate about developing games since his childhood. He started on TI calculators, and computers on the first monochrome. He landed on DirectX during his studies. He went to the Managed DirectX XNA with great joy! He specializes in the field in game engines, the effectiveness of C # code, and an excellent mastery of the XNA Framework. He spends most of his free time to redevelop a 3D engine similar to the engine of World Of Warcraft to provide the community with an editor that can recreate worlds of that quality. Here are some of his projects:


Vicente Cartas
Vicente likes most of the game topics that aren't graphics related. It may sound strange, but games are full of interesting non-graphical problems! He loves topics related to artificial intelligence and proper C# usage and OOP design, and has started diving deeper and deeper into multiplayer lately.

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