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Sample Overview

This lab is a full 2D touch-based game. Fill the vat with honey from the beehives before time runs out. Use your smoke gun to prevent bees from stinging you and making you drop your honey. Based on the Game State Management Sample.


  • Source code, in steps, compatible with XNA GS 4.0
  • Graphical, sound, and music assets
  • Detailed walkthrough in DOC format


  • 2D graphics and animations
  • 8-direction movement
  • Tap gesture and touchscreen thumbsticks
  • Dynamic high-score table 
  • SpriteFont text drawing
  • Simple fire-and-forget sounds
  • Menu screen interactions

All content and source code downloaded from this page are bound to the Microsoft Permissive License (Ms-PL).




GS 4.0

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