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Pickture (ARCHIVED)

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Note: This item is no longer supported. It may demonstrate techniques that are no longer valid in current versions of XNA Game Studio. The item is archived here, but will not be updated.


Pickture is a complete XNA Game Studio game. The project comes ready to compile and run, and it's easy to customize with a little bit of C# programming. You are free to use the source code as the basis for your own XNA Game Studio game projects, and to share your work with others.

The goal in Pickture is to slide the puzzle chips until the picture is complete. However, there is a twist: on the more difficult settings, the board is two sided and puzzle chips can be flipped! To complete the puzzle, not only must the pieces be in the correct locations, but they must also have the correct orientation.

All content and source code downloaded from this page is bound to the Microsoft Permissive License (Ms-PL).



GS 2.0

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