Xbox LIVE Indie Games

game development

With XNA Game Studio, you can create games for Windows, and Xbox 360. Jump in and play with free tools, learn from our extensive samples and tutorials libraries, then get your game on Xbox LIVE Indie Games. If you're ready to go professional, Xbox LIVE programs are available for both platforms.

getting started

Dive into game development using free tools and tutorials.


  1. Get the Free Tools
    Download everything you need in one easy installer
  2. Jump into the Tutorial
    Code your own game with video tutorials.
  3. Add Features with Free Samples
    Get free game code you can reuse.
  4. Engage with the Community
    Ask questions, get advice, and join in discussions.

get into marketplace

Submit your games to Xbox LIVE Indie Games and start making money with your creations.


  1. Sign up for a Membership
    Get access to both marketplaces with one membership.
  2. Read the FAQ
    Learn about submitting, selling, and reviewing on the Marketplace.
  3. Get Partner Tools
    Unlock your game's full potential with great tools from our partners.
  4. Add Features, Tune Performance
    The Education Catalog has samples, tutorials, and articles for many popular features.

go professional

Learn about the premier programs available for developers that want to take advantage of Xbox LIVE features and reach a wider audience. Please note: The Xbox LIVE programs are highly selective, available only to developers who have shown a history of quality titles with commercial appeal.

Xbox Live Arcade

Xbox LIVE Arcade (for Xbox 360)
Reach a broad audience of Xbox LIVE players with Arcade.

Xbox 360 program comparisons

Indie Arcade
Leaderboards Yes
Achievements Yes
Xbox LIVE Rich Presense Yes
Develop with C++ Yes
Develop with XNA Game Studio Yes Yes
Xbox LIVE Multiplayer Play Yes Yes

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