Xbox LIVE Indie Games

Xbox LIVE Indie Games Registration Walkthrough

You can register for Xbox LIVE Indie Games membership to submit and manage applications for Xbox 360. Registration also allows you to access developer tools, documentation, code samples, and the forums. Annual membership is $99 USD. For more information, see membership.

Registration Checklist

You need the following items to get started:

  • A Windows Live ID - If you don't have one, you'll be directed to a link to create one.
  • Contact information - Your contact information.
  • Credit card information - Currently, a credit card is the only option available for membership payment. If you're a student who has a valid DreamSpark registration, then you don't need credit card information.


If you're in an Xbox 360 supported country/region:

  • When creating your Windows Live ID and Xbox gamertag, be sure to use the country/region information associated with your credit card.
  • The country/region you select for your Xbox LIVE Indie Games registration should be the same country/region associated with your Windows Live ID


Registration Step-by-Step

Registration starts after you sign in by using your Windows Live ID. If you don't have one, you will be directed to a link to create one. Registration consists of the following steps:

Step 1: Choose an account type

Step 2: Enter your personal details

Step 3: Enter your profile information

Step 4: Enter payment information

Step 5: Confirmation page

Note: DreamSpark students will not see Step 4 because their registration fee is waived.

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