Xbox LIVE Indie Games

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When Xbox LIVE Indie Games are approved, they become available for purchase the on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. It’s the ultimate way to get your game right into the hands of the gamers: with the Xbox LIVE Indie Games and Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

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  1. Download and Play Xbox LIVE Indie Games
Xbox Live Indie Games

Download and Play Xbox LIVE Indie Games

Downloading and playing Xbox LIVE Indie Games has never been easier. To download an Indie Game, navigate to the Games Marketplace channel and enter the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Once inside the Marketplace, navigate to the Indie Games channel and select your preferred method for browsing available titles.

Once you’ve found a game you’d like to download, simply select Buy and confirm your purchase on the following screen, or if you’d like to test the game out before purchasing, select Get Trial Game.

Once the game is downloaded, you can play it at any time by navigating to the My Xbox channel, and selecting the Game Library. Inside the Game Library, select Indie Games and chose your downloaded game.

Games can also be purchased directly on and downloaded automatically to your Xbox 360 console the next time you sign in to your associated Xbox LIVE account.

Have fun creating, reviewing, and playing Indie Games on Xbox LIVE!

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