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Xbox LIVE Indie Games members don’t just get to submit games to Xbox LIVE Marketplace – they get to review games, playing them before they're released and giving feedback. All submitted games must be reviewed, and it’s member reviews that decide whether a game is approved for distribution on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. As a member, keep the community safe and fun for everyone by being a reviewer.

review Xbox 360 games

  1. Find a Game to Review
  2. Download and Verify Game
  3. Check for Prohibited Content
  4. Verify Game Classification
  5. Review Summary
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1. Find a Game to Review

Before you get started, it’s important to know that in order to review games made by other members of the Xbox LIVE Indie Games, you must be an Xbox LIVE Indie Games member. Also, you must have XNA Game Studio (a part of the Windows Phone Developer Tools) installed on your computer, and have XNA Game Studio Connect running on your Xbox 360 console. See the "create your app or game" page for more information on how to do this.

Begin by verifying the classification of the game. Make sure the developer accurately identified any mature content. Also, look for and report any prohibited content or errors.

Start your review by signing in to the Xbox LIVE Indie Games. From the main menu, select Community, and then click Review/Playtest Xbox LIVE Indie Games. You'll then see a list of games currently submitted to the Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

You can filter your results by a genre of your choosing. You can even jump to games made by a specific developer by typing the developer’s name in the Find a developer box.

The games you can review will be in a Submitted state – you’ll see a link named Review This Game. Click the link to start the review.

Game Peer Review

2. Download and Verify Game

After you’ve selected a game to review, you’ll see a review page with several steps.

First, you must download the game and play it in order to complete the review. Click Download under the Game Info section.

While the game is downloading, start XNA Game Studio Connect on your Xbox 360 console. To start XNA Game Studio Connect, turn on your Xbox 360 console, and sign into your Xbox LIVE profile. Navigate to the My Xbox channel and select Games Library, All then click XNA Game Studio Connect. Make sure that XNA Game Studio Connect has a connection to your computer. After you download the game, click Open. XNA Game Studio deploys the game to your Xbox 360 console automatically.

As you play the game, take note if the game crashes, becomes unplayable, or lags severely. Also, look at the media for the game on the review page – media such as the video, screenshots, and descriptions. Take note if you feel the media content is inappropriate or misrepresents the game in any way.

You’ll see checkboxes for these problems. Check them if you found problems with the game. Indicate in the details box where in the game you found the problems. If you didn’t find problems, leave the boxes unchecked.

Click Next to move to other parts of the review. If you checked the boxes indicating that the game has defects, go to the end of the review to verify the review summary. If the game doesn't have defects, indicate in the check boxes whether the game contains prohibited content.

Prohibited Content

3. Check for Prohibited Content

While indie games on Xbox LIVE have a wide variety of content suitable for different players, there is some content that's never acceptable. This type of content is prohibited content.

If you find any type of content matching the prohibited content descriptions on the review page, check the appropriate boxes and provide accurate feedback explaining where in the game you found the prohibited content. If you’re not sure what qualifies as prohibited content, click the question mark above each type for more information.

When you’re done, click Next. If you checked any boxes indicating prohibited content, the review process ends. You'll be directed to the review summary. Otherwise, you'll go to the Classification review of the game’s content.


4. Verify Game Classification

When a game is submitted, the content in it is classified by type. This allows players to know what to expect. As a reviewer, it's your responsibility to determine whether the classifications are accurate.

You will see a list of categories with a number and slider bar associated with them. Roll over each category to understand what the category means, and what each number means. For each category, slide the bar to the number you feel correctly represents the game content that you experienced.

If you aren’t sure what a particular category or number means, click the question mark above the category for more information.

When you’re done, click Next to go to the review summary. Review all the information and send your results.


5. Review Summary

When you get to the review summary page, you're nearly done with the review process for the current game. Please check the summary carefully for accuracy. If you need to make changes, click Previous to return to the last page. However, if you're certain all information is accurate, check the box at the bottom of the page, and then click Submit Review to send your review.

If you indicated the game has any technical problems; problems with its description, screenshots, or video; or prohibited content, you'ill see a rejection summary. If you see a rejection summary, look over your comments carefully.

Make sure the comments accurate. Click Previous if you need to make any changes. If you're satisfied, click Submit Review.

This will complete the review process and send feedback to the developer. Thanks for making indie games on Xbox LIVE great!

Try reviewing a game now!

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