Xbox LIVE Indie Games

Xbox LIVE Indie Games Code of Conduct

October 2010

As part of Microsoft's commitment to making Xbox LIVE Indie Games a great place to meet and interact with others around the world, Microsoft has created rules in this document for safe and professional participation in Xbox LIVE Indie Games (our “Code of Conduct”), which you agree to abide by. Your adherence to this Code of Conduct in all message board services, chat areas, news groups, forums, communities, and/or other message or communication services or facilities within Xbox LIVE Indie Games (including any contents of any of these services or facilities) designed to enable you to communicate with the public at large or with a group, ensures a positive experience for all our users.

All activity on Xbox LIVE Indie Games is also governed by the Xbox LIVE Indie Games Terms of Use (the “Terms of Use”) and the Window Phone Marketplace Application Provider Agreement and Indie Games Submission Agreement, as applicable, all accessible from hyperlinks found at the bottom of every web page on Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

By accessing or using the Xbox LIVE Indie Games website, you agree to comply with this Code of Conduct and the Terms of Use.

What not to do

  • Don’t use Xbox LIVE Indie Games to do anything illegal, like posting any material or information that is defamatory; is infringing; is obscene; constitutes or includes child pornography, bestiality, or incest; is harassing; promotes illegal drugs or illegal drug use; or is otherwise unlawful.
  • Don’t threaten, harass, stalk, abuse, or spam others participating in the Xbox LIVE Indie Games community.
  • Don’t post or discuss anything that advocates or encourages expressions of violence, bigotry, racism or hatred, or that uses profanity.
  • Don’t upload files or post messages that contain photos, music, software, or other material protected by intellectual property laws, rights of privacy or publicity, or any other applicable law unless you own or control the rights in these materials or have received all necessary consents from the individual or company that owns or controls those rights.
  • Don't post information that personally identifies you or anybody else (such as real names, addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, etc.) while you're visiting Xbox LIVE Indie Games or when using any of the communication services or facilities accessible through Xbox LIVE Indie Games.
  • Don’t post materials that could harm other users' computers or would allow others to inappropriately access software or websites, such as any content that contains destructive features such as: viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or bots.
  • Don’t participate in disruptive activity, such as persistent off-topic comments and postings or statements that incite others to violate this Code of Conduct or the Terms of Use, or to participate in illegal activities.
  • Don’t post links to external sites that violate this Code of Conduct or the Terms of Use.
  • Don’t impersonate or harass Microsoft employees, moderators, other users, or other staff members.

What you should do

  • In helping to make Xbox LIVE Indie Games a great place to meet and chat, do your part to uphold this Code of Conduct and the Terms of Use.
  • Periodically review this Code of Conduct and the Terms of Use to ensure you are doing your part by complying with any new rules or polices that Microsoft may put in place from time to time.
  • Report users who violate this Code of Conduct or the Terms of Use. Links to report abuse or violations are available from a user’s profile page, games detail pages, and forums.
  • Carefully guard your personal information.
  • If you are a parent, be aware that links and content on the Internet may not be suitable for children. Join your child in surfing and exploring the Internet, and use Family Settings available on the Xbox 360 and in Windows to control your child’s experience and how much interaction your child can have in the community.
  • In addition to upholding this Code of Conduct and the Terms of Use, you must also adhere to all local and national laws that pertain to your location and to your access and use of Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

Personal Information

We caution you against giving out personally identifiable information (such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, names and addresses, telephone numbers, and drivers license numbers) to strangers online, which may be used for illegal or harmful purposes. Some personal information you provide to Microsoft may be stored outside of the country in which you reside.

The Xbox LIVE Indie Games Privacy Statement is accessible from a hyperlink found at the bottom of every web page on Xbox LIVE Indie Games.


  • You are responsible and liable for all your activities while participating in Xbox LIVE Indie Games and for protecting your own computer system against interference or viruses that may be encountered on the Internet and Xbox LIVE Indie Games.
  • Microsoft may eject or ban any user who behaves in a manner deemed inappropriate or offensive, or who violates this Code of Conduct, the Terms of Use, or any other guidelines issued by Microsoft.
  • Microsoft may at any time, without notice, delete any content from Xbox LIVE Indie Games. Microsoft is not obligated to send users or hosts a warning before deleting any content.
  • Microsoft may access or disclose information about you, including the content of your communications, in order to: (a) comply with the law or respond to lawful requests or legal process; (b) protect the rights or property of Microsoft or our customers, including the enforcement of our agreements or policies governing your use of Xbox LIVE Indie Games or other Microsoft services; or (c) act on a good faith belief that such access or disclosure is necessary to protect the personal safety of Microsoft employees, customers, or the public.
  • Be sure to reread this document once in a while because Microsoft will update it periodically. Some parts of Xbox LIVE Indie Games will have additional terms or guidelines that you must also review and comply with.
  • Microsoft isn’t responsible for what you say or how you act on Xbox LIVE Indie Games; you are.
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