Games Catalog
Browse the App Hub games list and find games to review.

What is the games catalog?

The games catalog lists all game releases submitted to the Xbox LIVE Indie Games. You can browse the list and get details on any game. As an Xbox LIVE Indie Games member, you can download, play, and review games that are currently "In Review".

What can I do here?

You can:

  • Click on any game title to view details about it.
  • Click on any game's developer to see more games by that developer.
  • Click on any game's genre to see all games in that genre.
  • In the FIND A GAME box, use the drop-down menus to select game categories, and then click FIND to find the kinds of games you’re looking for.

Which games can I play?

You can play games that are marked “Approved” or “In Review”.

Approved games are available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, accessible through the Xbox 360 and on

Games that are still In Review are available to play and review if you are an Xbox LIVE Indie Games member. From the Games tab at the top of this page, select review game from the drop-down menu. Then click review this game to download the game and start the review process.

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