Game Peer Review: Prohibited Content
Check the game for content that isn’t allowed in community games.

What is prohibited content?

There are some types of content that are never acceptable in Xbox LIVE Indie Games. This content is considered to be prohibited, and a single instance of this content will cause a game to be rejected.

Look through the list as you play the game. If you see any prohibited content, check the box next to the type of prohibited content you saw. In the text box, describe the prohibited content and explain where you found it. Please note the maximum character limit is 1,024 and only alphanumerics, periods, commas, and spaces are allowed.

What do these prohibited content types mean?

Refer to the definitions below to better understand what each type means:

Collecting personal information

  • Credit card, social security, identification, driver's license and/or passport number, full home address of real individuals
  • URLs used without permission (except if URL is a copyright notice)
  • Email addresses used without permission
  • Telephone numbers used without permission

Full Nudity

Full or partial nudity exposing genitalia, buttocks, or full female breasts (including depictions on manga and cartoons, but excluding established and well-recognized works of art). Gameplay or end result shouldn't be to reveal objectionable content or drive a sexual reaction.

Strong sexual content

Content that depicts clothed or semi-clothed/nude depictions of human sexual activity such as intercourse, foreplay, or masturbation, or that otherwise generally falls under the category of pornography. This includes excessive or gratuitous sexual content, such as games that are primarily or exclusively sexual in nature or connotation.

Child pornography

Visual depictions (simulated or actual) of sexual activity involving a minor (age 17 and under), or to make verbal reference to or preference for, a sexual act involving a minor.

Direct threats to a person or groups of people in the physical world

Requests or instructions to injure or otherwise harm a specific person or group of people, such as content that calls for someone to injure a former spouse or content that otherwise incites people to harm a specific person or group of people.

Direct encouragement/solicitation of illegal behavior in the physical world

Content that encourages the user to engage in illegal activity in the physical world, such as content that instructs users how to make bombs or drugs, or solicits involvement in criminal behavior.

Crimes against humanity and/or intense and distasteful graphical violence

Content that glorifies crimes against humanity such as genocide or extols the virtues of such events; content that contains intense and distasteful violence such as torture, mutilation, or child abuse.

Human Excretion

Depiction or product of human excretory functions. If it happens in a bathroom, it shouldn't be happening in your game.

Advertisements for tobacco, gambling establishments, or alcohol products in the game

These products shouldn't be promoted in your game, nor should you solicit sales for them.

Racist/Discriminatory Language

Depictions of ethnic, religious, nationalistic, or other stereotypes likely to encourage hatred. Historical religious text and scriptures (such as the Ye Ole (Old) Testament, New Testament, King James Bible, Koran, Torah, Tibetan Book of the Dead, Dead Sea Scrolls, etc.) are permitted in an unaltered or unabridged state. Citation for a passage or quotation needs to be referenced. Xbox LIVE reserves the right to review and refuse any game content.

Nazi symbols or pro-Nazi content

Images, sounds, language emblematic now or historically associated with the Nazi party and belief systems.

Unauthorized content use

Any unauthorized use of another party’s intellectual property, such as music, photos, code, artwork, and logos. For additional information on copyright issues, see Currently, Xbox LIVE Indie Games doesn't support in-game advertising and/or sponsorship of games by outside agencies not affiliated with Microsoft. Exceptions to this are advertising of your own game(s) and/or your own studio logo, within your game, and any Microsoft-approved usage of the Xbox LIVE, Xbox 360 or Xbox LIVE Indie Game logos.

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