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Windows Phone and Kinect cross-communication – enhancing the user experience by Dennis Delimarsky

In this talk, I am describing ways to connect a Windows Phone device to a Kinect and perform data exchange between them, building unique user interactions inside third-party desktop and mobile applications.

Recording coming soon.
Build games that go 'Bing!' by Ashu Tatake

Latest research indicates that most gamers have ears. Use this knowledge to your advantage! Learn how to integrate a range of audio elements into your game – from simple “fire and forget” sound effects to more complex interactive audio environments.

View this session Posted April 2010
First Impressions Matter: A Look at How UI Animation Can Make The Difference by Brandon Furtwangler

With hundreds of released Indie games, how is your game going to stand out? In this talk we’ll explore ways of giving your game extra polish to set it apart. This talk will focus on main menu animations, and how they can be used to give your game a personality that fits the storyline.

View this session Posted March 2010
Avatar Integration Within Your XNA Game Studio Title by Dean Johnson

Learn how to take advantage of the new avatar features available in XNA Game Studio 3.1. Topics include how to playback custom animations using avatars, designing custom avatars to use in your game, and how to render thousands of avatars for use in crowds in your game.

View this session Posted February 2010
Getting Started With Custom Shaders by Shawn Hargreaves

A hands-on demonstration of how to apply custom shaders to 2D sprites. Forget the complex 3D math, and no previous shader experience required – the goal is to achieve cool and interesting 2D effects in a simple and practical manner.

View this session Posted January 2010
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