Xbox LIVE Indie Games

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Free Tools For Development

These tools enable you to create high-performance apps and games for the Xbox 360 console, and Windows-based computers. You’ll have everything you need to create compelling apps or games for phones, TVs, or desktops: a toolbox containing phone controls, a phone emulator to try out your app or game, and project templates.

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Help when you need it

Xbox LIVE Indie Games provides community forums where you can ask questions, give advice, or just discuss the finer points of programming. Code samples provide you with a jump-start to implementing new features, and our Education Catalog is packed with articles, tutorials, and utilities to help beginners and experts alike.

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Fame and fortune has a (low) price

And it’s only $99 USD. An Xbox LIVE Indie Games annual subscription provides you with access to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, where you can sell or give away your creation to the global audience of people who have Xbox 360 consoles. The tools, community support, and educational resources for creating, deploying, and running apps or games locally are all free. But when you’ve created the next killer app or game, you’ll probably want to show and sell it to the world. You can also implement an optional trial mode to entice customers to try your app or game.

We also provide you with a developer dashboard so you can manage all aspects of how your app or game appears in either marketplace, monitor downloads, and track how much money you’ve earned if you charge for your work.

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Predictability for you and your customers

Xbox LIVE Indie Games subscribers who submit apps or games to Xbox LIVE Marketplace can rest easy knowing that their hard work wasn’t in vain due, to transparent Windows Phone Application Certification Requirements, Content Policy Guidelines, and Peer Review and Game Submission agreements.

Every app or game submitted to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace will be evaluated against the requirements and is bound by the agreements.

With every app and game in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace reviewed and approved by Xbox LIVE Indie Games members, you'll have a predictable experience in getting your work to the world. Because of these clear Content Policy Guidelines and peer reviews of Xbox LIVE Indie Games, Xbox 360 console users can be assured that the apps or games they download won’t damage their device or present them with content they weren’t expecting.

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