Xbox LIVE Indie Games


Thank you for your interest with Xbox Live Indie Games, however we are no longer accepting new memberships at this time. You can find more information in our announcement here:

Come be a part of a vibrant community of app and game developers for Xbox LIVE Indie Games on
Xbox 360.

why Xbox LIVE Indie Games?

Xbox LIVE Indie Games has the free tools, the information, and the community you need to create and publish amazing apps and games to reach every Windows Phone user and the 25 million Xbox LIVE members worldwide over Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

View the Xbox LIVE Indie Games FAQ.

what do I get?

With an annual subscription of $99 USD, you’ll get:

Xbox 360

  • Submit up to 10 games on Xbox LIVE Indie Games
  • Develop and debug on your retail Xbox 360 console with XNA Game Studio Connect
  • Customize your games for individual regions and languages
  • Peer review new Indie Games before they're released

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