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Discover partner offerings and resources to build better apps, faster


We are continuing to add new partners and offers, to enable Windows Phone developers to build better apps, faster. Resource offerings include:

      Tools to build, generate, debug, and obfuscate applications, as well as utilities helping during the development process

      User interface controls, charting and other components (i.e. bar code reader) that developers can integrate into their applications

      OSS Libraries
      Frameworks, libraries, and SDKs are available as open source code that developers can reuse within their applications

      Cloud services such as notification, mapping, social sharing, and compute processing that developers can consume from their applications

Want to learn more? View our current Partner Offerings*, and follow #wpdevecosystem on Twitter where we announce newly added partners and offerings.

If you want to suggest a resource, contact us on Twitter @wp7dev (include the hashtag #wpdevecosystem along with a brief description and link).

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